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Wombles ramblings

"I know I live in a world of my own, but it's OK; everybody knows me here."

24 September 1972
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I'm 36, I have a great partner and 4 little darlings! They are 16,14,12 and 8. I love reading , bookcrossing, entering competitions and my family! . I Like writing letters,postcrossing, penpalling, southpark, movies,star trek (to an extent),LOST, Charmed,Surface,supernatural,Journeyman, Veronica Mars, All saints, magazines (thats life etc), cooking (or burning usually), 2nd hand shops, garage sales, markets, bookshops,jewellery, wombles toys, Australian authors, true crime books,Brisbane History and heritage,Cloudland, Stephen King books (I have them all), Coca Cola stuff,Ned Kelly Info, getting things in the mail (a full letterbox is a happy letterbox), walking, seeing new places, junk mail, Christmas hampers, winning prizes, fridge magnets, chocolate, Timtams, soundtracks, Titanic,anything purple, sleeping in,Paul Mcdermott (mmm) Twin Peaks,Forever friends teddy bears, "Guess how much I love you"book,The Rocky horror picture show ,Hedwig and the angry Inch, my fav all time song is "Jessies Girl" , My favourite bands/singers are Ben Lee, James Blunt, Fleetwood mac and Savage garden.
my friends, coffee,my cat, pizza, the chips in the bag with the most seasoning on them ,lasagne and my 6 birds.
Bookcrossing has improved not just the quantity but quality of my reading!
I hate wet days, hot days, puddles, dogs, stress,migraines, daytime soaps, judge judy, mess, and no mail days!

"I know I live in a world of my own, but it's OK; everybody knows me here."