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Wins so far this year

Book from Goodreads $25

Book from Home magazine $25
Inflatable ball $10 from praise/msterfoods comp
Ipod $66

BBC dvds $440
Mightymite plate $10

Simple Skincare products $500

Ballet tickets $200


Puzzle Book $4

Arcade Fire We used to wait

Arcade Fires new single is featured in this Google Chrome interactive film.

You put in your address (it says where you grew up) and it makes a clip just for you.

It's really quite clever!

You need Google chrome though, it doesn't work properly if you use firefox etc.

No Internet for a week :(
Ya'll take care now! Be back online  next Thursday hopefully!

Available Books
I have these BC books available.
Happy to post them to Aus/NZ people if they want them.
Probably will happen slowly, but I will make a list and post them out gradually.

We need to talk about Kevin
The Neighbour Lisa Gardner
To Kill a Mockingbird (2 copies)
On the Jellicoe Road Melina Marchetta
One red Paperclip Kyle Mcdonald
Liseys Story Stephen King
1st to die James Patterson
2nd Chance James Patterson
The Nothing Man Ruth Adler
Once I was a Princess Jacqueline Pascal
Zambezei Tony Park
Fairy Godmother Mercedes Jackey
Meditations for women who do too much Anne Wilson Schaef
Paperback Raita William Rhode
Our Little Secret Duncan Fairhurst
Three Wishes Liane Moriarty
Max Remy Superspy Nightmare Vortex
Angelas ashes and Tis (in one book)
It's not the end of the world,Deenie and Then again,maybe I won't Judy Blume (3 in one book)
A Monk swimming Malachy Mccourt
Pilgrim at Tinker creek,The writing life and The American Childhood Annie Dillard (3 in one book)
Visions Michio Kaku
Tengu,The devils of d day  Mirror and Charnel House Graham Masterson (3 in one book)

Trixie Beldens numbers 10,15,18 and 24 (Not in good condition, only good for completing a collection)

Aus/NZ Only Bookring "Wreck my journal"
My daughter and I have been having fun with these journals in the past few weeks so I decided to buy a 3rd one and bookring it. I see it has been done before but it's fun to do!
If you haven't seen "Wreck my journal" before, there are lots of pictures of them on flickr etc.

So if you want to join in PM me on Bookcrossing.
When you get the journal you can do 2 or 3 or 6 (or whatever you like) of the activities.
Back to me at the end and I will take pictures of the pages and put them in a flickr group so everyone can see how it turns out.

Clem7 Tunnel Open day
Yesterday we went to the Clem7 Opening day. I had booked tickets 2 weeks ago, and tickets were fully booked. We got there and they didn't even look at tickets (or check bags like they were supposed to.)

We walked into the tunnel to the deepest part, 60metres below the Brisbane River. There were heaps of people standing around at the deepest part taking photos of the signs. That was about the only time I felt a bit freaked out by it all, a bit claustrophobic with so many people.
We kept walking to the Shafston st exit, (about 3km i think), we would have walked all the way to the end at Wooloongabba but I had blisters and bigJ was really tired.
I thought it would be "prettier", but maybe they plan artwork or something for the white panels you can see in the photo.
It was very loud in there with the huge fans in the ceiling.
It is the longest tunnel in Australia- for now anyway, as they are building a longer one here out to the Airport.
You can see more about the tunnel at www.clem7.com.au including photos of the huge tunnel boring machines.

Afterwards we walked over the new pedestrian bridge "The Kurilpa Bridge" to the museum. If you click this photo you can see some photos of the bridge and the river as well as more of the Clem7 tunnel.

Spoilt much?

Reading corner
Originally uploaded by womblesbc
My new reading corner. New chair,lamp and table/shelf.
Lamp $20
Shelf $14
Chair $200

Sold my old top loader washing machine a few weeks back, so the chair was bought with that. Now I just need 2 or 3 Ikea bookshelves...

Books Read 2010
1 Thanks for the Memories (Library book)
2 Under The Dome (Personal copy)
3 A Wayne in a Manger http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/6988416
4 Dark Country (Mums)
5 A Good Yarn (Bookcrossing)
6 Who Killed Dave? http://www.bookcrossing.com/journal/7727618
7 Testimony (mums)
8 Wrong way, Go back (Bookcrossing)
9 The book of tomorrow (Library book)
10 A Place Called here (Library book)
11 Solace (Mums)
12 Apples for jam (library)
13 Debt free, cashed up and laughing (library)
14 Things you get for free (Bookcrossing)
15 Her Fearful Symmetry(Bookcrossing)

He's gonna step on you again!
Take the first line of the first twenty songs that play on your shuffled music (wherever your shuffled music originates). The first line of the twenty-first song becomes your title.

He's going step on you again!

Young teacher the subject of schoolgirl fantasy,
We've seen her type before,
If you could return, don't let it burn,
I still cry for baby Jesus, and I still pray when I'm alone.

Do I stress you out?
Now I will tell you what I've done for you,
Well this flower is my soul,
Watch what you say on the stand.

So, are you breathing?
Sweet wonderful you,
You've sunk lower then I've ever seen..
Every now and then I get a little bit lonely.

Get your passport and a bikini,
Catch me as I fall,
Diamonds and fast cars
I've got the power!

I will not regret
No attorneys to plead my case,
Close your eyes, make a wish
Holding on, that's what I do....

OPSM labels

Originally uploaded by womblesbc
click to see the inside label on flickr.


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